How to report?

Who to contact?

  • Your supervisor or leader
  • Transparency Mailbox

How to contact the Transparency Mailbox?

The complainant shall have available all the information concerning the case, in addition to the evidence if available, by answering the questions: Who? When? Where? How?

By Phone

Check the number list and use the one that corresponds to your country.

ARGENTINA 0800-345-5478
ECUADOR 1-800-001-135
USA 1-888-876-7548
PERÚ 1-705-2233
MÉXICO 800 8228966

  • The complainant will connect with an ethical advisor who will listen and support you by asking a series of relevant questions, in order to carry out the appropriate investigation.
  • The ethical advisor will provide you with alternatives to send evidence if you count with them.
  • The complainant will receive a tracking code which is very important to save for future reference.

By Web Assistant and Chat

  • The complainant will enter the form and the Dynamic Web Assistant will accompany you through the process asking relevant questions according to the information you are providing.
  • When completing your report the system will provide you a tracking code, which is very important to save in order to follow up on your report.

By Email

  • The complainant will send information as complete as possible, attaching evidence if it has it and could choose to send it from his personal email account or create an anonymous account for it.
  • In less than 24 hours you'll receive a tracking code in your chosen email.


By using the tracking code provided when the report was filed, the complainant could call at any time, or enter it into the Reporting System to:

  • Check the status of the investigation.
  • Provide additional information.
  • Attach evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will any retaliation be taken for making a complaint or question?

Arca Continental strongly prohibits any retaliation against the complainant that, in good faith, has reported a lack of integrity. If the complainant suffers any kind of assault as a result of his complaint, he must report it by any means, including this Transparency Mailbox. The Transparency Mailbox guarantees the confidentiality of the data of the complainant or even his anonymity, when filing a complaint by using any means. Fear is often understandable, especially the more serious and closer the situation is reported. But the intermediation of the third party EthicsGlobal is precisely intended to give you guarantees that there is nothing to fear and that you will not be forced to give any information that you do not wish to offer.

2) How can I follow up on a complaint I have filed?

When you make a question or file a report, you will be provided with a tracking code. You need this information to track a report, get an answer to the question, or check the status of a report already made. We ask you to follow up within 5 or 6 business days. Re-contact the helpline to:

  • Know if more information is needed to process your question or report.
  • Provide any new information related to your report.
  • View updates or their resolution.
  • Know the corrective measures or resolution of your complaint after the investigation is complete.

3) After filing a complaint, will I be informed of the resolution?

The Transparency Mailbox, will only inform the complainant the status of the investigation. The content and results of the investigation are confidential.

4) What kind of information or data is needed to use the Transparency Mailbox?

The Transparency Mailbox can be used to file a complaint or track a previous report. When filing a complaint, you will be asked to provide information about the incident in the most detailed manner possible. In order to carry out a better investigation of your complaint it is recommended:

  • Provide the full name and position of those involved, name the person or persons who are aware of the facts (Witnesses).
  • Describe the place and date of the events.
  • If possible obtain elements that could serve as evidence.
  • Make a detailed redaction on how the facts happened.

5) How long will it take to provide a solution to a report?

EthicsGlobal sends the information to the relevant ethics committee within 48 hours after the complaint has been made; the time of investigation and resolution of the complaints made should not exceed 30 continuous days, extendable.

6) When should I use the Transparency Mailbox?

When you know, inform or are involved in a situation that violates the Company's Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies, that you prefer to be managed by a third party rather than dealing directly with the responsible person, supervisor, or human resources.

The decision to use the Transparency Mailbox is entirely voluntary.

7) What if after I file my complaint I want to provide more information?

At any time, a complainant can access the Transparency Mailbox to provide new information or report any relapse, with tracking code, the new data collected may be incorporated at the time it is desired while the investigation is ongoing.

8) Why should I report?

Because internal misconduct severely affects the work environment, the integrity, the well-being of all and even the company's assets and this has an impact on workers and business continuity.

In addition to increasing the commitment of all employees and trust to Arca Continental and those who work in it.

9) What are the benefits of the Transparency Mailbox?

Develops and strengthens an ethical culture, improves the work environment, as well as encouraging the use of irregular behavior reports through a safe and reliable, objective and independent means, being the main objective to provide a professional and quality service for users of the whistleblower service.

10) What if I observe or witness a lack of the code of ethics and do not report it?

All members of Arca Continental are required to report faults to the code of ethics affecting the organization and its members.

11) What can be reported?

  • Violations to the Code of Ethics and Policies of Conduct.
  • Faults related to acting by the Supervisor: negative leadership, abuse, disrespect, unfair treatment, favoritism, denied requests (e.g. Holidays, permits, etc.), others related to labor stress.
  • Facts related to payroll and payment of other economic benefits: Non-compliance or miscalculation of payments, benefits, days, vacations.
  • Faults among employees: abuse and others.