What is it?

Our System

Ethics and Compliance System

Arca Continental has the commitment of everyone to be a transparent and integral company, to ensure the continuity of our business and its positive influence on society. In this way we sustain the most valuable thing we have as an organization: the trust we generate in our consumers, customers, employees and community. Acting as ethical and in fulfillment of the norms constitutes our way of doing business and expresses itself in a System applied in all the territories and business of Arca Continental, integrated by different elements:

  • The Code of Ethics and Policies of Conduct that give us clear direction to act and decide.
  • This Transparency Mailbox and the processes to investigate and decide, which allows us to raise our hand when someone does not do the right thing, in a protected way.
  • The Ethics and Compliance Committees in each operation that have the responsibility to investigate complaints and sanction misconduct and the duty to keep confidentiality.

What is Transparency Mailbox?

If a person is not acting according to the integrity that Arca Continental defends, you have the responsibility to say so that the company can react and preserve the whole way of work that we all appreciate and characterize us.

It is the responsibility of all to maintain integrity, for this we must transparently report the faults that we know about, providing all the possible data in order to carry out an efficient investigation.

For this, the Transparency Mailbox offers secure, easy, confidential and, if applicable, anonymous methods to do so. It also allows us to return to the report to expand the information with useful new data and to track the status of the report process.

Prohibition on retaliation and protection of information

Arca Continental strongly prohibits any retaliation against the complainant that, in good faith, has reported a lack of integrity. If the complainant suffers any kind of assault as a result of his complaint, he must report it by any means, including this Transparency Mailbox.

It is crucial for Arca Continental to protect the identity and maintain the confidentiality of the author of the submitted report. To this end and following good practices in this field, the Transparency Mailbox is operated by EthicsGlobal an independent third party specialized in the management of complaints and reports.